The weather in the Northern Cape is typical of that of the semi-desert. In the summer months, with the hottest month being January, the average daytime temperatures are around 32 degrees, with maximum temperatures often over 40 degrees. Nights are typically cooler with frost occurring regularly in the winter months, the coldest month for this area being June.

The climate in general

The summer rainy season normally begins around October and lasts till February or March. The rainfall is notoriously unreliable but big; thunderstorms and lightning routinely turn this earth into an extravaganza of sounds and smells. The summer rainfall is limited to an average of 400 mm per year, which is much lower than the evaporation rate for this area.
The climate in Kimberley is typical of what you will find throughout the rest of South Africa's hotter parts. Long, hot days and cooler nights during the summer months and mild to hot days with cold to freezing mornings.



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