The animals on Leeukop game farm roam free within the farm’s borders and are not “cadged” in any way nor are any of our animal species sick or lame. We stock our farm with top quality animals and we ensure they stay that way.
Our hunting is not limited to a certain part of the year. We have the necessary fencing in place to qualify us for hunting season exemption, giving you the opportunity to hunt ant time that suits you.

Species Found on our 1000 hectar Game farm:

  • Kudu
  • Zebra
  • Impala
  • Oryx
  • Eland
  • Springbuck
  • Blesbuck
  • Reedbuck
  • Red Hartebeest
  • Waterbuck
  • Duiker
  • Steenbuck
  • Warthog 
  • Giraffe


Even though these are the main species hunted at Leeukop, there is a host of natural occurring wildlife found on the farm. These include tortoises, hares, meercat and all the bird species found in this part of South Africa.